These are why regular window cleaning is important for your house!

Have you included window cleaning in your things-to-do list yet? Even though we all appreciate a clean window and a magnificent view, it might not be a top priority for every one of us. Or, in certain cases, some homeowners don’t value having a professional window cleaner. No matter what it is, just like professional window cleaners, we can’t at all ignore that there are several significant benefits of both window cleaning and hiring a professional window cleaner. Here let us look at a simple list of several window cleaning advantages and the reasons for hiring a professional for the job.

Why Cleaning Your Windows is important

  • After all, a window is your access to enjoying the outdoor view, sunshine and summer breeze. Also, looking at a dirty window is depressing, while it affects the property’s curb appeal. So, why don’t you light up your world with some window cleaning job!
  • You need to know that mould is a silent killer! It will surprise you to see how mouldy your window tracks and frames can become, especially in damp weather. Glass attracts condensation, and that moisture turns into mould quickly if you leave the window uncleaned. Mould is going to promote various health issues.
  • After all, windows are an asset. That is why you won’t want them to deteriorate or lose their value. If you think windows are cheap and can’t be the key feature of a home, you are wrong! Hence, benefit from professional window cleaning since it will help maintain your entire home’s value and appeal.
  • Regular basis window cleaning can save you a headache in the future. Windows require regular maintenance to function well. The longer you leave them poorly maintained, the harder it becomes to get back to their initial condition. Or, in worse cases, you may even have to replace them. Therefore, you should not wait too long to give them the care and attention they require.

Now, let us discuss what makes it so important to invest in a professional window cleaning.

Reasons to get your windows a Professional Clean 

  • This will help in avoiding Hard-Water Staining. Unlike light water stains, hard-water stains can be difficult to remove if left untreated for too long. So, you better leave it over to the experts.
  • Leave the job to the pro cleaners since this will help you gain more time and opportunity. By hiring experts, you can easily avoid what we call economics, “Opportunity Cost”. They will clean your windows quickly and efficiently, leaving you a lot of time.
  • Why don’t you let the professionals take the risk? Cleaning top windows entail a lot of chances. So, please don’t risk your wellbeing and let experts handle it.

Next time you consider window cleaning, consult an expert and hire professional window cleaners. They are transparent and genuine, all their jobs get the same level of quality, and it is a great value for money. So why wait? Start looking for a trusted window cleaner today.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Window Cleaning Company

We have all been there. The sun is out, and it is a beautiful day until you open your windows and the sun filters in through dirt-caked windows.

Dirty Windows not only block a good view but brings down appeal of your property as well

A house with filthy windows is an instant deal-breaker, no matter how attractive the rest of the property is. A clean window not only enhances the curb appeal but also lets in more natural light, making the living space brighter and much more welcoming.

But, choosing a window cleaning company is not simple. Sure, your local gardener or the office janitorial service might offer to do it. Still, only a professional window cleaners can actually deliver the sparkling windows that your house craves.

Windows – Before and After Cleaning

Without further ado, here are the top things you should take into consideration before contracting a window cleaning service.

How much experience do they have?

Experience should be one of the top criteria to rank your shortlisted candidates. There isn’t a huge upfront cost for starting a window cleaning service, but it takes a significant amount of effort and happy customers to stay in business for years. Make sure that the company washes windows throughout the year and don’t only do the job during specific seasons as a second job.

Windows being cleaned professionally

Cleaning businesses do not generally need a permit or license to operate in Australia, so it is up to you to weed out the unqualified and inexperienced companies and opt for professional companies that educated on the know-how.

People tend to draw towards franchises, but be very cautious with them. While good for fast food, franchises are not generally great as window cleaning companies. This is because the level of quality and customer care tends to vary from one franchise owner to another. While the leading company might be well known, the level of service you receive from a franchise owner might differ.

Do they value customer satisfaction?

You have to ensure that the company you do business places a high emphasis on client satisfaction. A great and professional cleaner would even come back and redo the job if you are not happy with the final result. You should go for a company that focuses on the client and will go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy rather than a company that is rushing through the procedure.

Hiring Professional Window Cleaner

How could you gauge this, you might ask. Speaking to past clients is an excellent way to do that, so is reading reviews on the Internet. Find at least three reviews or references and make sure that these references are for your type of facility as this guarantees they have experience dealing with similar facilities. When talking to references, the key points you should touch on are quality, professionalism, communication, after-service support, and how punctual they were. Also, a lot of companies offer a “satisfaction guarantee”, and it is exactly what it sounds like. Companies like that are always a good sign.

Is the cleaning company fully insured?

Check if the window cleaners are insured as this will protect your property in case of any damages incurred to them. It is true that the chances of accidents happening are quite low, but it is always better to safe than to be sorry. For example, a falling ladder can cause extensive damage, either to a person or to your house. A cleaning company might not always be able to afford to pay for the costs, but if they are insured, compensation for damages will not be an issue. Put insurance safeguards both you and the cleaning company.

Hiring a professional Window Cleaner is better than hiring amateurs

Do not only trust the word of the company, instead ask for documentation that prove they are insured and check if the insurance covers personal injuries.

How is the safety rating?

It is a no-brainer that the window cleaning company should have a high safety rating. If the firm is unwilling to do show their safety rating, it is probably because they had a few incidents in the past.

Does the package cover everything you need to be done?

This is a very common mistake. Before you begin your search, write a checklist with all the things and areas you need to clean. Once this is done, compare it with the services offered by the company. Some companies clean only the glass and charge extra for the frames and sills while others include it all. Firms that use water-fed pole systems usually include it in the price, but few do not do so. If you come across a quote that is way too low, be sure to ask if such things included in the price. This is why you should look at multiple companies and ask for quotes from all of them. This gives you a better idea of the market rates as well as finding a great deal.

Window Cleaning Melbourne

Additionally, you should check if the company affiliated with associations. While these associations are not difficult to enter nor is it necessary to enter into one, an affiliation with a professional association leads credibility to the entire company. It shows you that they are serious about their line of work.

Do not go for the low-ball offer

The price offered is not what matters – it is what you get for your money that matters. Cheap window cleaners reduce costs by providing a reduced level of service. They could do this by using standard or low powered equipment, inferior products or by putting in hardly any effort into the job.

When you ask for quotes from several companies, it allows you to gain an understanding of the market and the average price it costs. This way, you can ignore the lowest offer and seek something closer to the average that fits your purpose. A bid which is in the 10% range of other proposals is safe and fair. If it is lower than 10%, there is a good possibility that the bidder does not have much experience or has overlooked something while giving a quote.

Whether it is residential or commercial premises, Ministry Of Cleaning is a trusted name for professional Window Cleaning.

This is Chapter 2 of our “Things to Know before you hire” series. For Carpet Cleaning, read our blog on Things to know when you hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Why Is Hiring Window Cleaning Experts Always Better?

What part of the property affects the aesthetics of both the interior and exterior? The element which can make or break your curb appeal? Well, the answer to both these questions is the windows!

The windows are important elements of a home when it comes to its exteriors and interiors. They look the same inside and out. You can instantly feel the warm and comfort of a home when the windows are clean and pleasing to the eye.

If the windows are that important, then taking care of them is imperative too. So, should you make it a D-I-Y job or hire experts for this task? Let us explain why hiring the professionals is a much better option!

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Top Benefits of Hiring Window Cleaning Experts

The Professional Touch

There is no denying the fact that the best job in the world is carried out by professionals only, and window cleaning is no different. You might be good at cleaning but the kind of expertise and skills which the professionals have are completely unmatched.

The Best Cleaning Tools & Solutions

The professionals use the best cleaning tools and solutions which are not cheap at all. Most of the owners go for cheap options as they cannot afford to buy the same for just cleaning the windows. When they use such things for cleaning, they end up getting frustrated as they do not get the kind of results they expect. On the other hand, professionals use these things on a regular basis and have them in abundance and since it is directly proportional to their work image and quality.


Have you ever tried your hands at changing the tire of your car? It must have taken some time for sure. Have you ever seen a professional change a tire? If yes, you must have observed that not only did the professional do the job faster but better too. This is exactly the case when you hire window cleaning experts as not only they do the job better than you but also at a much faster rate. This definitely saves a lot of your time which you can put into other important activities.

The Safety Standards

Window cleaning is not your regular cleaning as you are dealing with specialised glass. If you go too rough, you have the chance of breaking the glass. If you go too slowly, you have the chance of not cleaning the windows perfectly. The professionals have years of experience in handling the glass of every window type and know exactly how much pressure to apply. Window breaking can result in a lot of injuries which we are sure you do not want to endure. This can make a smaller job very costly and time consuming to say the least!

Why You Need Hire Professional Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning is one of the most important tasks of our daily life. Without cleaning, we cannot live a hygienic life. With the increased population and technologies, we are facing numerous issues in our daily life. These issues include lots of infections, health problems and unhygienic settings. If we talk about our home, we hardly think to clean on regular basis. There are many parts of our house need to be clean and maintained.

Windows are the most important part of our house help to view the outside world. A window increases the beauty of our house. Therefore, it should be clean and well maintained. Most of the people have a hectic and busy schedule hence they cannot do this perfectly and regularly. If you want to see your windows clean and shiny, you can choose professional window cleaning services in order to complete this important task. A good window cleaning service knows the value of your window and health, therefore they will do their best to clean your windows.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

Honest and Responsible

The professional window cleaning services are responsible and honest in their work. They have a qualified and well-trained team of professionals to deliver high quality work. They will satisfy you by maintaining all your home windows quickly and easily. Therefore, you should hire a window cleaning service for your home.

Advanced Cleaning Equipment and Tools

Nowadays, a variety of cleaning tools and equipment are available. A professional cleaning service know the importance of your home and belongings. They deliver a high quality service through some advanced and up to date cleaning equipment and tools. However, you can recommend your cleaning tools if you possess them.

Flexibility in Work

Online professional window cleaning services really know the value of your time. They respect your requirements and schedule. When you have the time to book a cleaning appointment, you can contact them to discuss your needs. By using a website, you can hire a cleaning service from anywhere.

Much Affordable than You Think

Professional cleaning services are much affordable than you would think. Most of us like to hire an inexpensive and affordable service to clean our windows. However, many people do not have any issues if they need to pay a little more for a better service. If you have a limited budget for cleaning service, professional cleaning services can facilitate you accordingly.

Excellent Work by Skilled Professionals  

Professional cleaning services have experienced and skilled professionals. They are perfectly trained in this profession. This means there is no chance for any mistake. You can hire a window cleaning service without any hesitation.

Why is Window Cleaning Not Considered a DIY Job?

When it comes to maintaining a house, each element needs to be tended to or it can ruin the aesthetic of your home. Most of the elements either contribute to the exterior part or to the interior part of the house. But one thing that is equally responsible for making the interior and exterior beautiful is the windows!

This is why homeowners need to clean their windows on a regular basis. But often this task is thrown by the wayside. Either you lack the time to do so, or perhaps you do not have the skills to do it properly. This job is best suited to the Window Cleaning professionals and below we have outlined the reasons why!

Top 5 Reasons Window Cleaning is Not a DIY Job

It Requires Proper Equipment

Window cleaning is not about picking up a piece of cloth and wiping it across the glass. It involves the use of certain types of equipment which includes high quality cleaning solution and specialised cleaning cloths, as well as proper tools of cleaning like brushes and lots more. These things are available at home no doubt but it lacks quality which is required for cleaning harsh window spots. For this, only professional equipment works best.

It Requires Proper Skills

Window glass is not like any other glass and is quite expensive. This makes it imperative to take care of it in the best possible manner. The biggest risk arises when people clean it roughly. Most of the times people break the glass while trying too hard on tight spots! There is a proper way to get rid of them and for that, the right amount of skill is required just as they are required for getting the furniture and carpet cleaned the natural way!

It Requires Prior Experience

Experience counts in every task and window cleaning is no different. In order to get the best results, prior experience is a must as someone with experience knows exactly how to use the right equipment and put in the required skills to clean a window safely.

It Involves Risk

As discussed above, window cleaning is risky as the glass can break if not handled with care. This can lead to an injury, cut or wound that is definitely not what you want. Such types of things are best handled by professionals as they know all precautions that need to be taken while cleaning the windows.

It Is Not Worth The Shot!

Window Cleaning services are not as expensive as you think. The amount of equipment, time and effort you will put in to do it yourself is not worth it. You can get the job done quickly and more efficiently by hiring a professional often for a lower cost. You can utilize the same time and effort in something more productive which you can do much more efficiently.