6 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is the heart of any house, but it is also the area that gets grubby the fastest, and when neglected, it can spiral out of control in no time. However, when you spend hours cooking a fresh, warm dinner for your family, cleaning up after can seem like an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

Sparkling Kitchen after cleaning

If this scenario is something that sounds familiar to you, here is a compilation of the top tips to make your cooking routine more comfortable.

Begin with a deep clean

Deep cleaning your kitchen is no easy task, but it is always easier to start with a clean slate rather than trying to clean a kitchen that has underlying cleanliness issues.

Organised Kitchen

  1. Start by clearing any items that do not have any business being in the kitchen.
  2. After that, move on to your pantry and cupboards and take out everything present.
  3. Check the labels of any edible products and discard items that are expired or inedible.
  4. Clean out the insides of the cupboard and restock the items back with similar items together and the oldest items towards the front.
  5. Follow the same procedure with the refrigerator; you are sure to have old groceries, empty ketchup bottles and more lying around and taking up space in the fridge.

Cleaning the Fridge

Wipe down the outsides of the refrigerator and other home appliances including the microwave and the oven. Cleaning down the insides of the oven and microwave might be a trickier job as old dried food do not remove easily. A quick remedy for this is to use the services of a professional cleaning company that specializes in Oven Cleaning. These companies can clean out every bit of food lodged inside over the years and deliver a hygienic and clean oven.

Keep it minimal

Most people line up the bench-top with all the appliances and utensils. While you might argue that this makes it easier to do your cooking, clearing the benches will give you more room and space for your prep work and most importantly, makes it easier to wipe the bench-top after cooking as you will not have to move multiple items around.

Keeping your things in the cupboard also makes your kitchen look neater and less cluttered. Make an exception for appliances that are used daily such as a blender or stand mixer. Consider getting a hanging rack for your cooking utensils – spoons, spatula and the like. Now when you are done cooking, all you need is a wet cloth to wipe down the bar counter and you are done!

Make use of a utensil soak

A common technique in restaurants, a utensil soak is ideal for utensils that get used multiple times over during your food preparation. It involves filling up a sink or big bowl with hot water and a bit of dishwasher liquid. When you are done using the spoon or whichever item, just drop it into the bowl. If you need to use it later on, just pick it out and wash it. Towards the end of your cooking, make use of any downtime to refill the bowl with clean water and quickly rinse the utensils for the last time.

Clean Dishes

A utensil soak is excellent for situations such as a party where you might need to reuse the salad forks for dessert. However, make sure to keep utensils used for meat in a separate bowl and avoid dropping knives into the bowl as you can end up cutting your hands when trying to pull out something.

Clean up spills as soon as they occur

This is something we all inherently know, but choose to ignore, especially when we are preoccupied with something else. The truth is, if you clean a spill, we soon as it happens, you make your life easier. The spilled liquid is much harder to remove after it has hardened itself onto the surface. You might have to soak it, scrap it off or buy a cleaning formula; all for something that could have wiped off in a few seconds with a wet cloth.

On the same vein, it is better to clean as you go. Keep away spoons, jars and other items away as soon as you are done instead of littering the counter.

Keep a trash bowl at hand

Rather than throwing trash around the counter, keep a trash bowl close to where you are cooking. By using a trash bowl, you will not have to deal with food juice dripping everywhere, and you could even peel fruits and vegetables directly into the bowl to save time. You will have to make only one trip to the garbage bin and makes you less likely to forget any trash.

kitchen organic bin

You could also cut short your cleaning time by placing paper on the benchtop. This way, you will not even have to bother with wiping the countertop; all you need to do is wrap up the paper and throw it away!

Set down days and times for chores

Forgetfulness is a common reason for not completing household tasks. Whether it is cleaning the stove or washing the dishes, we are all guilty of it. When you set down days for specific chores and get into a routine, it is harder to forget them. For instance, you can set the task of unloading the dishwasher to after breakfast, and once you get into a routine, you will be less likely to forget about it.


Few other handy little tips

  •  Make use of the space above the refrigerator which is a dust magnet. By keeping a few items there, you can cut down the dust that gets accumulated.
  • Splatter screens are great at preventing oil splashes on the surrounding walls and utensils. Use it while frying and drop it into the dishwasher at the end of the day. You can also find splatter screens for microwaves to keep the insides food free.
  • Use coasters for things like honey jars and other liquids that can drip down and cause a mess.

Prerna Jain from Ministry Of Cleaning has contributed these tips for the article. She runs a cleaning services business that offers Carpet Cleaning, End Of Lease Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning services, Window Cleaning services to the residential and commercial clients across various cities across Australia.

The Easy Way to Clean Up Annoying Pet Mess

Pets bring us company and joy, but they can also bring us unique presents. Keeping your home clean is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to owning a pet. Removing pet stains is a necessity with a beloved one in your home. If your household is currently in danger of becoming a fur kingdom, Ministry Of Cleaning Melbourne home cleaners has some handy tips for removing pet stains and keeping a clean home.

1. Stop Dirt at the Door

Ungodly amounts of mud and dirt tend to be tracked by dogs, especially when they come in the door after being outside. Rather than spending hours of your time scrubbing dirt from your floors, keep a towel and a container of water by the door. Also, place mats inside and outside of your front door, and train your dog to wait there while having their paws wiped.

2Use Baking Soda for tough stains

To remove hard stains, put undiluted soda water directly on the stain and then blot the area with a dry towel. Then, place a fresh white towel on the area and place a heavy object over the towel to soak up the remaining moisture. This solution can also be used to clean your pet beds as it is an anti-bacterial agent.

3. Use White Vinegar to Deodorize Your Carpet

It one of the all-around best home remedies for removing pesky smells and stains from your carpet.

Simply fill a spray bottle with water and white vinegar in 60:1 such that there are 60 parts of parts to 1 part of white vinegar. Spray your carpet sparingly with this homemade solution. Then, let the area dry. You’ll be amazed by the vinegar soaking up any lingering smells!

4. Use A Lint Roller (Or Handheld Vacuum)

Lint rollers are a must-get if you’re a pet owner!  Lint rollers can pick up hair from virtually any surface. A lint roller is an affordable and quick way to pick up the fur for those spur-of-the-moment cleaning times — such as when you have an unexpected guest dropping by.

Instead of dragging out a more massive vacuum, consider buying a handheld version and ready for general maintenance. They’re easy to use and convenient for cleaning up pet fur on the floor.

Other residential pet cleaning tips:

  • Deep cleaning of pet collars and toys using pet shampoo.
  • Brushing them regularly
  • Scoop & Clean the Litter Box (More Often Than You Think)

In events of pet accidents like urine, poo, vomit or blood, call a professional carpet cleaner straight away, before the smell and stains become difficult to treat or even permanent.

When to hire professional cleaners?

Cleaning your house has become a chore and coupled with today’s hectic lifestyle, people don’t have a lot of time to handle house cleaning duties. Hiring a professional cleaning service can surely add value to the overall health of the family.

Professional House Cleaners will ensure your home cleaned up to standards. By availing cleaning services from a reliable source, you will also be able to get rid of harmful bacteria, mold and other forms of allergens. Thus, protecting your family from several potential infections

House Cleaning

Benefits of Hiring A Professional House Cleaning Service

Helps Reduce Fatigue and Stress

Cleaning your entire house involves a massive amount of time and energy. Keeping in mind the rigid demand of work and life which leaves you completely drained and exhausted, hiring professional cleaners can help you to get some well-deserved rest so that you can enjoy your time off with family and friends. This also helps in reducing stress and leaves an overall positive effect on your mental as well as physical well-being.


Deep and Intense Cleaning

Professional, experienced cleaners make use of the right techniques, products, and methods to clean even the toughest dirt away and much more capable of removing heavy stains or treating heavily soiled areas. They are also up-to-date on all the latest techniques and equipment.

As a result, your home will be much cleaner and more spotless than you can imagine.


Help Keep Dust Allergies and Dust Mites Away

It has mentioned in various studies that dust is the common allergen which causes cold and common flu. Moreover, microscopic dust mites are not visible to the naked eye are also the reason behind several allergies.

Professional cleaning services use HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) vacuum cleaners. This helps in sucking up the maximum amount of dust & dirt from carpets and secluded nook & corners in your house. Furthermore, ensuring that you and your family live in a hygienic & healthy environment and breathe fresh & clean air.


Cost-Effectiveness & Flexibility

Buying cleaning equipment, along with solutions and liquids can prove to be costly. A professional household cleaning personnel will be able to do the job at a lower cost. They have the expertise and will be able to procure the same cleaning solutions at a far lesser cost.

Cleaning by a professional is quicker and won’t take much time as compared to you doing it yourself. You can avail the services of professional cleaners as per your time and convenience.

Other Services

Most of the professional cleaning companies provide other cleaning services as well like Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Windows Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning and High-Pressure Cleaning.

Why You Need To Get Your House Cleaned Before Putting It For Sale?

Many real estate professionals claim – a cleaner home will usually sell faster than a dirty one. It’s worth the effort.

As per the information provided by the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) that only 10 percent of homeowners keep a house as clean as it needs to be when showing it to potential home buyers.

Most of the sellers are still living in their homes when they are trying to sell it. Selling a house and getting ready for a move simultaneously is time-consuming. At the same time, trying to keep a spotless house is another tough job. As a result, buyers look at homes with filthy rugs; kids track mud inside, marred walls and scummy showers and all they see is more work, time and expense for them. Not only is it a financial turn off, but the hygiene factor also comes into play.


The solution too this problem is to deep clean the house. Deep cleaning involves going beyond the regular clean-up which a homeowner would typically not do regularly.

Hiring professional cleaners to clean the entire house will be beneficial. The importance of cleaning the house with the help of professional cleaners when trying to sell your home.

Buyers Want a Home That Looks Clean & Fresh

Buyers are going to be walking through your halls and making decisions based on how it looks. You may not mind a little dust, or a few dirty dishes in the kitchen, but a potential buyer might. During the visit, he must be presented with a clean-looking home, inside-out.

End Of Lease Cleaning Sydney

It should look like a freshly built home. It will be hard to attain that level of clean all on your own, and professional cleaners come to your rescue here. They will be able to cover all the house cleaning aspects and even more.

It Satisfies the Buyer, and Will Save You Money

Once the buyer is willing to buy the house, it is essential to keep it looking appealing. As discussed above, no one wants to move into a mess and then spend money to clean it again. They will only be willing to do that if a discount is given on the purchase price.

Moreover, if you have to offer a discount, it will likely be much more than you organising a cleaning company. Hence the house should be cleaned not only when you’re showcasing it even when you’re in the process of closing a deal. It will save you money, and the buyer will get extra assurance.

Leaving everlasting impression

Even in the absence of a legal requirement to clean the house before moving out, sellers take exceptional steps to leave home in an acceptable condition to buyers; it will have a “WOW” effect.

This is typically a courtesy, not an obligation. Hiring a cleaning service can be an excellent solution.

There are nonetheless a few things a seller can do to leave then home reasonably clean and to create goodwill.

Hire Oven Cleaners

House cleaning are the most hated chores for any tenant or homeowner. Especially if it includes cleaning of appliances in the kitchen, one of which is the oven. An oven is one of the essential cooking tools in your kitchen. However, it gets dirty and stained quickly and is hard to clean yourself as domestic products are unable to remove burnt food residue efficiently.

Oven Cleaning
Oven Cleaning by Ministry Of Cleaning

Do not do it on your own.

Cleaning the oven on your own can be a laborious task. It requires a lot of effort, time, elbow grease and expensive chemicals. It not only requires time to let the product sit overnight but also requires intensity to scrub and scrape off baked food and grease residue.

The chemicals used are expensive and toxic. If the smell gets into your food, it will change the taste and potentially become hazardous to eat. Our experienced and skilled workforce can clean even the dirtiest of ovens using non-caustic, non-toxic products in your home.

Why hire us?

We not only clean your house and help save a lot of time, but we can also take care of your heavily soiled oven.

As professionals, we carry our own professional grade products and can clean your oven thoroughly removing grease and burnt on carbon completely. We know how to use our non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners effectively without leaving behind harmful residue. This will further ensuring there is no bad taste on your food after we are done with cleaning.

Our oven cleaning services are best

We can also clean hobs, microwaves & rangehoods. Removing the toughest burnt on carbon and grease traces from your appliance will leave it looking brand new.  The removable parts like shelves, racks and trays are dipped in a heated tank. Even the removable panels are taken out to facilitate cleaning behind them. Vegetable oil paste is used to clean the inside section of the oven, making it available for immediate use. This process of cleaning takes about 1-2 hours for a standard oven, leaving it sparkling clean.

The average adult spends 1-3 hours on house maintenance each day. No matter what cleaning help you need, we are available to assist you. We can help make your life easier by reducing the time you need to spend on cleaning. We are quick and efficient, so call or click today to talk to us about what we can do for you.

Reliableprofessional, and excellent service – that is what our Melbourne house cleaners are known for.

Why Spring Cleaning does not always have to be a diy?

Why does anyone need Spring Cleaning?

You know what they say; “A clean home is a happy home”. So, today we will look into the
most essential, yet the most tedious, part of our daily lives which is cleaning. With
spring around the corner, it is best time to get out there and give your home a well deserved clean. Spring cleaning involves get in those neglected
nooks and corners of the house. What could be better than welcoming the new year into a clean home?

Why hire spring cleaning professionals?

You can either plan it as a full day event or divide it over a couple of days and get every inch of that dust lying around the house. But have you ever wondered how it would feel to sit back and relax while the house is being deep cleaned by professionals? This is why, especially around spring time, the most appreciated and well-paid job around the globe is of the spring cleaners.


Experience counts

Personally, I know there exists a little hesitance when it comes to trusting outsiders with your home maintenance. However, speaking with experience, I never felt I got my money’s worth until I paid the spring cleaners last season. We can never ignore the fact that just like any other job which requires tedious training and practise, spring cleaners are no exception. They work with so much enthusiasm and motivation that they make you second guess yourself and question your own cleaning practises!

Professionals vs DIY

Many people still ask, “Why choose spring cleaners over yourself?”.

I have 2 ways to answer this question.

  • Loving a clean home doesn’t mean you love cleaning. And you can’t really complete this tedious task unless you are enthusiastic about it. You are better off spending this time in something you love doing
  • Secondly, spring cleaning can take anywhere between 4 to 12 hours depending on size and cleaning checklist. So, it might be more challenging that you might think

With growing competition, booking a spring cleaning service is not as costly as it used to be. You can even book some Spring Cleaners in Melbourne online in less than 2 minutes.

In today’s fast-paced world, a human mind is overworked. By that I mean, in a fraction of 10 seconds, a human brain goes through 20 different thoughts and that is why I think trusting yourself to be able to focus just on cleaning is merely impossible for any of us today.

Kitchen Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning

Due to this lack of focus, we might end up going easy with the cleaning or
neglecting certain areas like maybe choosing to wipe off the surface of the oven instead of
deep cleaning.

bathroom cleaning
bathroom cleaning

This is why it is easier to hand over this tough job of deep cleaning the house around spring
time to professional cleaners and trust that they will do the most efficient job. It is tough to
trust just anyone. But you can always check the ratings and reviews of the cleaning services before booking yourself a trusted and experienced cleaner to take care of your home the same way you would do.

Now, because of the growing trend of hiring spring cleaners for your home, the availability
of the same has been increasing rapidly as well. For example, if I just look up “Spring Cleaners” for my area today, I will be flooded with hundreds of options. This only goes to prove how it is becoming a tendency for people to hire cleaners in order to let the professionals handle the mess while we sit back and relax.

Is it worth it?

Even though the idea of paying someone to perform tasks that you think you
can easily be done by yourself seems a bit bizarre,  the comfort is worth every penny spent. Whether it is End Of Lease Cleaning or Spring Cleaning, some tasks are best left to professionals.

The Verdict

Just book today and do not worry, you do not have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars! You can choose from the options available and watch your work being done more quickly and efficiently right in front of your eyes. This way you do not lose your focus and the professionals make money from theirs so think about it, it is a win-win situation after all.

Cost of House Cleaning in Melbourne

Everyone loves a beautifully cleaned home. But do you want to clean it? Perhaps not.

Let’s be real. Not everyone loves cleaning! Some people might be okay cleaning their homes. However, if given an option, they will more likely go for an alternative.

This option is to hire professional house cleaners.

As you decide that you need help with domestic cleaning, there will be a lot of questions in mind.

First, where can you find a good cleaner, and how?

How much do they charge?

Well, this is what we will briefly talk about below.

clean house

How much does it cost to hire House cleaning professionals in Melbourne?

Depending on whether the cleaner is working independently or through an agency or cleaning company, the cost can vary.

We have seen independent cleaners charging anywhere between $25 per hour to $45 per hour. There are various factors governing where would your cleaner be within this price range.

Your location is the primary factor. If you live in one of the costliest Melbourne suburbs like Toorak, Brighton, Malvern, Brunswick, Essendon or Balwyn, then you can expect to pay more. This is an additional suburb tax that you might be paying to the cleaner or the cleaning company you hire.

However, in relatively more-affordable suburbs like Craigieburn, Sunbury, Glenroy, Tarneit, Dandenong or Ringwood, the cost would be undoubtedly lower than elsewhere.

A Spring Clean, Once-Off clean or an End of Lease clean would cost more than a regular house cleaning. Once-Off clean generally requires more detailing taking extra time.

House Cleaner Melbourne

How long does a professional cleaner take to clean a house?

General House Cleaning

As a rule of thumb, the number of bedrooms = number of hours needed for general house cleaning. However, most of the cleaners would charge for a minimum of 2 hours.

The above estimation may vary depending on the size, condition and your cleaning wish list.

For example, one trusted professional cleaning company based in Melbourne charges $70 to do general cleaning for a two-bedroom one bathroom unit. If we convert it into an hourly rate, it equates to $35 per hour per cleaner. Price excludes GST.

Similarly, a four bedrooms house cleaning would cost around $140. It is calculated based on 4 hours of general cleaning. It could be a couple spending two hours each, or one person cleaning for 4 hours.

One thing worth noting is that if you have not been cleaning your home regularly, it might take longer for the first clean. This big clean could take an hour or so extra to get on the top of it. 

Regular House Cleaning Checklist

  • Kitchen – Benchtop, Cooktop, Splashback, Sink, Taps
  • Bathroom – Shower Screen, Vanity, Basin, Taps
  • Dusting the Furniture
  • Vacuuming the floors including Carpets
  • Mopping the hard floors

Spring Cleaning & Once Off Cleaning

Once or twice a year you might need a deep clean, including additional areas for cleaning like cabinets, skirting boards and windows to be cleaned. Most cleaning companies would cover this in a deep clean, also known as Spring Cleaning or Once-Off Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning is suitable when you are preparing your home for a change of season, an event or just a get-together. It will require extra elbow grease and time to clean doors, walls and skirtings, so the cleaner may charge an altered hourly rate.

End Of Lease Cleaning & Vacate Cleaning

For Rental Bond Cleaning or End Of Tenancy Vacate Cleaning, the checklist gets even more tedious and exhaustive. This service is called End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne.

We recommend this comprehensive level of cleaning when you are vacating your property and need to get your bond back from the real estate agent or the holding agency.

You can read our blog for the cost of hiring vacate cleaners.

Hopefully this helps you to narrow down the type of cleaning required for your home and help you to find the best professionals to assist with the job at hand!