Tips To Get Your Bond Back

Ready to move into the rented property and worried how you would get your bond money back at the end?

At the end of your lease and wondering if you will get back your Bond Money?

Spent hours mopping, cleaning floors and tiles and still in doubt if you will get your Bond Money back?

Well, you are not alone. One of the most common issues faced by the tenants in Melbourne and other cities of Australia is the full refund of the bond at the end of the tenancy lease. Often landlords and property managers hold up the bond money referring to lack of cleanliness of the property. Even though you spend hours cleaning the home, something or the other goes wrong and there is a chance of losing your Bond money. This is a very tedious process to go through, and many people face this issue. However, if certain things are kept in mind right at the beginning of the lease term, you can surely get your full security deposit back. Here are few of them –

Bond Back Guarantee


Once you’ve decided on the property to move in, check the condition of the place yourself. Inspect the property meticulously for any existing short-comings or damages. Make sure that you mention all these details to your landlord and in the lease papers so that any future dispute over the pre-existing damages could be rectified and your bond money is safe.



This is the crucial one to remember. While you take care of other things like location, neighbourhood, the structure of the property, keep in mind the condition of the property and the documentation. Inspect the state of the property and then verify the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease papers to avoid any future dispute. A thorough reading of the documents before you move into the property is necessary for you to understand what you are signing for.



Take pictures of every nook and crook of the property and keep them safe as a proof for future reference. These pictures would help to strengthen your case should you be accused of not being responsible and damaging the property. Also, it is better to fix any issues in the property as and when they crop up such as broken window or anything of the sort. This will ensure that your bond money is safe at the time of departure.



Pay all your rent in time and file the receipts safely. This will give you an upper hand in building a strong profile as a tenant and also would serve as evidence in case of any bond money disputes. Some anomalies are acceptable, but continuous irregularities can harm your credit score and your reputation as well.

When you move in, the landlord gives you a set of keys which are a part of the contract. Losing the keys can cost you a massive deduction in your bond money after all; locks and keys are expensive and replacing them is another ballgame altogether.



Another critical aspect of securing your entire bond money is keeping the rented property clean (one should keep the property clean anyway), which also called- Vacate Cleaning.


Once you have given a proper notice that you’ll be vacating the property, you should take enough time out to set the property in order as you received it when you first moved in. Then the landlord cannot question your tenancy or hold up your precious bond money. This End of Lease Cleaning can also be done by hired professionals such as Bond Cleaning Melbourne services.  Professional cleaners have the expertise in Exit Cleaning, cleaning every nook and corner of your rented property to ensure that it is sparkling and neat. So, next time, if you are leaving the rented property, take care of only the nuances of moving in or out and leave the Rental Bond Cleaning to the experts to clean the property before it vacated.

Take care of these few general cleaning tips while renting a property, and you can rest assured, your bond money will be safe!

Cost of Vacate Cleaning In Melbourne?

When ending a lease in Melbourne, there is lot to do including the cleaning. It’s certainly a good idea to hire professional end of lease cleaners to help you get your bond back. This cleaning service is also commonly referred to as Vacate Cleaning Melbourne.

Vacate Cleaning Services are not just limited to an ending lease. Whether you are preparing your house for sale, or even handing it back to the owners, you need to get it cleaned. This brings us to our main topic.

vacate cleaning

How much does Vacate Cleaning Cost?

Undoubtedly, cleaning a house top to bottom requires a lot of time and elbow grease. To help calculate cost, we need to keep the property size, condition and layout in mind. If you have carpets, you would need to get it professionally steam cleaned. Let’s look at some estimates below.

A professional cleaning company would charge anywhere between $40 per hour to $50 per hour per person for cleaning. So, if your property takes 4 hours to clean, you can expect to pay between $160 to $200 depending on the hourly cost.

Generally, vacate cleaners will quote you based on the number of hours estimated for your property size. For example, a vacate cleaning company in Melbourne charges $45 per hour for exit cleaning. They estimate around 5 hours for cleaning a standard size 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in reasonable condition. Based on this calculation, they quote $225 for apartment cleaning. Carpet Steam Cleaning is quoted an extra $75 assuming carpets in 2 bedrooms and a small living room.

In Contrast, In Canberra, this can cost you more. So, a same 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment would cost you around $400 for bond back cleaning.

Be ready to pay extra for any outside cleaning like the porch, outside windows, balcony, so on and so forth.

End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist

Furthermore, if you are wondering what is included in the standard End of Lease Cleaning or Vacate Cleaning, we can follow the below list;

End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist
End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist


  • Clean all cabinets from inside and outside
  • Wipe Clean all surface areas including Splashback, benchtops etc.
  • Deep Clean of Oven including Grills and Trays
  • Cleaning cook top, grill, rangehood exterior and degrease range hood filter
  • Clean the sink and taps


  • Clean shower screen including all soap scum, grime
  • Scrub shower tiles and grout and spray mould remover
  • Clean bathtub (if any)
  • Wipe Clean all surface areas, shower rails and mirrors
  • Clean Vanity and taps

Everywhere in the house

  • Clean all cupboards and wardrobes inside and outside
  • Remove the cobwebs
  • Wipe clean all inside windows and sills
  • Dust the vents
  • Wipe the skirting boards
  • Clean light switches
  • Vacuum all floors and mop hard floors
  • Steam clean carpets (if applicable)

Read more about how to choose a cleaner here.

Things to know before booking a Vacate Cleaning in Melbourne

Looking for Vacate Cleaning Melbourne Professionals?

If you are vacating a property in Australia, chances are you need to hire professional cleaning service to clean the premises before you hand it over to next tenants. Whether you are ending your lease, selling your place or renting it, vacate cleaning Melbourne is an integral part of this process.

end of lease cleaning

For leased properties, your property manager or landlord would not release your bond until the property is returned in the original condition. So, here are few tips that you can use when hiring an end of lease cleaning Melbourne:

1. Search on Google or Facebook for professional companies providing end of lease cleaning or vacate cleaning service. Some companies might list this as a Bond Cleaning service as well.

2. You might request a quote via email or phone. Make sure you call the company to check how easily you can reach out to them in case you need help with any issues later on. There are some websites with no real support system, they just take your booking and money and never show up for job. Be wary of this before hiring!

3. Research how long they have been in the cleaning business and ask for a bond back guarantee. Basically, a Bond Back Guarantee ensures that if your property managers reports any cleaning issues, your cleaners should return and re-clean the areas. I would ask my property manager to inspect while the cleaners are there to check the issue is rectified to their satisfaction. This will get your bond refunded promptly.

4. Your real estate agent might also recommend their own cleaners. Chances are these cleaners would be a lot more expensive then the normal market rate. So, make sure you compare their quotes against other cleaning businesses in the area.

5. Avoid hiring freelance cleaners, or companies from Gumtree that are not registered or established. A lot of these ads are posted by people who are not in the full-time cleaning business and just looking to make money on the side. They are not professional cleaners and would not be able to clean the place up to the real estate standards for vacate cleaning to get your bond back.

6. I would always check ABN number online for the company you contact for quotes. You can see the registration details including when they started business. I would avoid businesses registered less than 2 years ago. These companies might not have enough experience in vacate cleaning Melbourne.

7. Do not just settle for any company offering the cheapest quote. I would suggest to check their reviews online on google as well. In saying that, take the reviews with a grain of salt as reviews are not a 100 percent representation of how good a company actually is. It will give you some idea about the standard of service. I would suggest paying little extra to hire a company with better reviews and who also offers reliability. You do not want the cheap quoting company cancelling on you at the last minute.

8. Avoid a company that doesn’t show up on a Google search. These are pop-up companies that are risky to hire.

9. Try to get an onsite quote rather than a phone quote. On-site quote will help avoid any surprise fees for you and the cleaners on the day when they come to clean. If you can’t get an on-site quote, confirm if the quote provided via email or phone is fixed. You also need to make sure that quote shows the inclusions and exclusions clearly. If the cleaners are not ready to provide a fixed quote, then you should ask what factors can change the price.

It will help you compare apples with apples, so to speak. You would want to avoid a situation where you hire a company who quoted you less but later increase the price. That would leave you with fewer options. hiring someone else on the same day might cost you more anyway. Another avoidable scenario is hiring someone with lower quote and  too many exclusions.

10. Finally, leave a review for the business that you hire. So if you are happy with the service, review them with 5 stars. Otherwise as appropriate with explaining your experience in what could they do better. If the service is not up to standar, it might be good idea to provide an opportunity to make up for it.

I am quite sure you would not go wrong if you follow the above 10 tips before you hire an vacate cleaning Melbourne professional.

Top 5 End of Lease Cleaning Tasks to Not Skip at Any Cost

Do you live in a rented residence? Is your end of lease date coming up all too soon? If yes, we hope you know how important it is to clean the home before the owner arrives for the condition report. If you have kept the residence with proper and regular cleaning you need not worry, but if you haven’t, you may require professional assistance!

The amount to are returned from your bond depends on how you have kept the residence during your stay. If you want your complete deposit back, you have to really get the things to look like they did when you moved in all those many months ago.

So, are you ready for some cleaning action? Let’s get started and make sure you do not skip the following tasks at any cost!

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Top 5 Must do End of Lease Cleaning Tasks

Carpet Cleaning

This is the first thing people will see as they walk through the door. Your owner will also look at the carpet and definitely its condition when he enters the place. It is important to clean the carpet efficiently and if you find it hard to manage on your own, hiring professionals is highly recommended.

Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery is the next point of call. Your owner will definitely sit on the upholstery to have a word with you first of all. If the upholstery looks untidy, he will definitely put this into his bill of cleaning expense on your behalf. This is of course if furniture has been included in your lease.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is used daily for some messy tasks, such as food preparation and cooking. The stains are hard to get rid of if you haven’t cleaned it on a regular basis. Nonetheless, try to clean them and anything else that makes the kitchen look unattractive. If you can manage then this can save you a little money, and if you can’t save time and call the end of lease cleaning professionals.

Bathroom Cleaning

Now, this is another area that gets used on a daily basis and the bathroom is where we go to clean. As such the dirt from the day can wash off and make your bathroom dirty over time. If you do not wipe the water and clean the tiles and grout regularly, doing it at the last moment can prove to be too tough. If you get it cleaned on your own, you save yourself the expense of hiring professionals.

Window Cleaning

Most of the people do not think that the windows form an integral part of house cleaning. This is the reason they do not pay much attention to cleaning them. However, this is an important assets for the owner of the property. If you do not maintain your windows, it clearly states you do not conduct regular cleaning. So, make sure the owner can not deduct cleaning cost by cleaning the windows with a proper technique and the best cleaning solutions. Do not waste any time and get to it! These tasks can take ample time and the sooner you get started the more likely you are to receive your entire bond back in full!

Top 5 End of Lease Cleaning Tasks to Ensure Complete Deposit Back

Living in rented accommodation is not always the preferred option but often all that we can afford at the time. This of course means paying bond too.

There is probably no owner who would allow any tenant to stay without a deposit. The simple reason being the owner has invested a large sum of money in his apartment. In order to ensure that you do not create a mess at his place and spoil the interior, he requires bond until you move on.

You do get your entire deposit back at the end provided you take care of things well until your end of lease date arrives. However, a lot of people wait for the last month and even the last moment. If this sounds like you, make sure you clean the following to perfection.

5 Must do End of Lease Cleaning Tasks

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is the first thing that grabs the attention of visitors and your homeowner is no exception. The first thing they is likely to see is the carpet. The carpet has the potential to become dirty and house wear and tear. If it is not cleaned to perfection, it will definitely put your deposit up in the air.

Windows Cleaning

The windows can show whether a place has been cleaned on a regular basis or not. Usually, people clean the main area but forget to clean the windows. Not cleaning them regularly may end up in requiring professional help.

Upholstery Cleaning

Not all rented properties include furniture. But if it does, and they find that it is lacking maintenance and cleanliness, they will definitely think of deducting a portion of your bond. Cleaning upholstery is definitely recommended as you yourself have to sit on it every day and not just because the owner will sit there on the D-Day!

Kitchen Cleaning

Now here is something which gets used on a daily basis and gets dirty on a daily basis. The kitchen is something which is hard to confront if it is not cleaned often! Only professionals can help you with you this end of lease cleaning task and if he sees any of the kitchen equipment not maintained, forget getting your deposit back.

Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom tiles and grout will show the owner your concern for cleanliness. From tiles to geyser, taps, washbasin, everything counts greatly and if any of such stuff has to be cleaned, later on, the owner will have to pay a sum to the cleaning professionals later on which he will deduct from your deposit only!

Why You Need Professional Help for End of Lease Cleaning?

For those who ever rented a home, you must be aware of the term ‘End of Lease’. This is the time when we have to move out of our rented apartment and hand it back to the owner in the same condition it was upon moving in. We all know how difficult it is to get the apartment to look like it was. During the time we live in that apartment, we do so much and the wear and tear of living can take a toll.

This happens with most renters and this is the reason they start fearing that they will not receive their bond back at the end of the lease. However, this is not the case when you choose to hire professionals for end of lease cleaning.

Top Reasons to Hire Professionals for End of Lease Cleaning

  • Best Equipment

When we hire professionals, we get the best service. When we clean things on our own, we do not have the best cleaning equipment and usually end up cleaning with lesser equipment. This cleans the property but not to an extent that the owner will be happy with. Professionals have the best cleaning equipment and the knowledge of the best products for cleaning in order to leave the home looking like new, or as close as it can be.

  • In-Depth Knowledge

Professionals have in-depth knowledge about each and everything and they know exactly what is required to clean our kitchen, bathrooms, curtains, walls, etc. We can get really confused dealing with all and it can become a tedious task. However, this is not the case when we hire professionals for end of lease cleaning.  They plan things after assessing the property. This is the reason they are able to carry out the task effectively with the help of their skills, knowledge, and experience.

  • Great Skills

We may buy the required equipment and cleaning products but we do not have the required skills to carry out the task effectively. Skills come from experience and practice which only the professional team have. There are a lot of hard stains which are difficult to get rid of and require effective cleaning skills.

  • Saves Efforts & Time

When we are looking to bring back the lost beauty of our apartment like day one, it requires some serious effort and time. How many of us are actually ready to invest so much time and effort into cleaning? It is sensible to hire professionals for this and save ourselves from these tasks. We will never be able to beat the kind of quality work they will do. Trust us, the owner will be happy to hand over the complete bond to us with a smile. So, what are you waiting for? Call end of lease cleaning professionals now!

4 Benefits of Hiring Experts for Steam Cleaning Carpets

Carpets commonly adorn the floors. This gives a feeling of warmth and adds to their aesthetic appeal. It is also beneficial to protect the floors while helping you save money on maintenance. Most homes cover their floors, especially their living rooms, with carpets. This saves energy and thus keeps the room naturally warm during the colder months. Despite carpets having several benefits, it can be home to dust mites, allergy-causing elements, and air contaminants. This is due to the tightly woven fibres they are composed of. It can soon dirty the carpets and make them unappealing to the eye.

Frequent cleaning and dust removal can keep you safe. If not well cared for you are likely to witness several health ailments especially if you already have respiratory issues.

Not all of us can take out time from our busy lives to ensure roper cleaning and care of our carpeted floors. Even though we own vacuum cleaners and run them over the carpets every once in a while, the dust and other allergens do not come off entirely as expected. To help you with these difficult chores, there are numerous professionals who have years of experience in carpet cleaning in order to return your carpets to their former glory. Here are a few benefits that you are likely to find.

They are professional with their approach

When they come to your home to treat your carpet, you are likely be greeted with a professional attitude. They generally want to complete the work as soon as possible so that you can enjoy a clean carpet sooner. Whether it is steam cleaning Melbourne or the use of high-powered vacuum cleaners, they will ensure that your belongings are safe.

They own industrial quality equipment

In order to heighten the quality of their business, carpet cleaners often customise their cleaning equipment according to their needs. They own industrial quality vacuum cleaners for steam cleaning in Melbourne that are known to bring out the best results. They boast cleaner carpets that are to stay well maintained for longer. It is also known to bring about a sheen to the carpet making it look as close as possible to when you had initially purchased.

You and your family stay protected from illnesses

The dust and contaminants that settle on the carpets are known to cause severe health ailments. This includes asthma, breathing problems, skin allergies. Regularly breathing unhealthy air is known to be harmful to your body in the long run. While the professionals for carpet and end of lease cleaning Melbourne complete their task with cleaning the carpets, you will notice improvements to your breathing and enjoy comfortable living space without having to fear these respiratory issues later on.

You get to use the carpet for long

If you leave the carpet with all the dust and grime that it has collected over the years, you are likely to notice that the carpet has lost the sheen it had when you initially bought it. You eventually have to dispose of it and replace it with a new one. Purchasing carpets is an expensive affair and therefore to save you from this, you can hire the professionals for the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, here to treat it. You get to see new life for your carpet with the added benefit of increased longevity.