6 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Tile and Grout!

Clean titles and grouts contribute to enhancing the beauty of your home. But keeping tile floors looking shiny and clean is a tough job. However, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of cleaning your tiles and grouts regularly. Imagine you are having a party in your house, and your guests find uncleaned tiles and grouts! What will happen? Of course, it is going to be an embarrassing moment. Therefore, you should include tile and grout cleaning in your regular housework schedule.

When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, there are several things that you need to consider. To help you out, here’s a list of some of the common mistakes that you must avoid while performing the cleaning.

What To Avoid While Cleaning Tiles and Grouts

Following are some of the tile and grout cleaning mistakes you should avoid making:

Do Not Use Harmful Chemical Products

One of the most common mistakes people commit when cleaning tiles and grouts is that they use chemical products to get instant results. In such cases, people mostly use ammonia-based solutions. These are highly dangerous and can cause health issues. Not only are these products harmful to your health, but they can also discolour your tiles and grouts, leading to faster damage.

Do Not Delay to Clean Stain

Stains are the most common problem when it comes to tile cleaning. Stains like food particles, lemon juice, tomato juice, ink, soft drinks, etc., can cause immediate harm to your floor if you don’t clean them right away. So, please don’t make the stain sit on the floor for so long. Else it can lead to the discolouration of the tiles.

Avoid Hard Scrub

Many people think that they can get cleaner tiles or grouts if they scrub hard. Yes! The stains sometimes are too difficult to get rid of. But that doesn’t mean you should use steel wool or any harsh powder. Such tools can damage the tiles by removing their finish. Moreover, it can make them look gloomy.

Do Not Over Wet Your Tiles or Grouts

If you think over-wetting your tiles bring you a cleaner floor, you have got it wrong! The minerals in the water are the most common cause of discolouration and staining of the foot that you may be unaware of till now! So, whenever you go for a floor cleaning, do not overwet it!

Avoid Using Vacuum Cleaners

It is not a good idea to use vacuum cleaners when it comes to tile and grout cleaning. The metal bar can make scratches to tiles. It also hampers the bright look of the tiles. So, it’s better to avoid using vacuum cleaners having such blades.

Do Not Use Old Mops

Everything has its expiry date, right! So why not for mops? If you use an old mop, again and again, it will not help you get your floor cleaned. So, do not use old mops if you want to have better cleaning of tiles and grouts.

Bottom Line

It isn’t easy to keep all these things in mind. Isn’t it? Don’t worry. A professional tile and grout cleaning service in Melbourne can solve all of these problems, and you don’t need to worry about anything. So, make it fast and get help today from professionals to experience the best service.

The Easy Way to Clean Up Annoying Pet Mess

Pets bring us company and joy, but they can also bring us unique presents. Keeping your home clean is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to owning a pet. Removing pet stains is a necessity with a beloved one in your home. If your household is currently in danger of becoming a fur kingdom, Ministry Of Cleaning Melbourne home cleaners has some handy tips for removing pet stains and keeping a clean home.

1. Stop Dirt at the Door

Ungodly amounts of mud and dirt tend to be tracked by dogs, especially when they come in the door after being outside. Rather than spending hours of your time scrubbing dirt from your floors, keep a towel and a container of water by the door. Also, place mats inside and outside of your front door, and train your dog to wait there while having their paws wiped.

2Use Baking Soda for tough stains

To remove hard stains, put undiluted soda water directly on the stain and then blot the area with a dry towel. Then, place a fresh white towel on the area and place a heavy object over the towel to soak up the remaining moisture. This solution can also be used to clean your pet beds as it is an anti-bacterial agent.

3. Use White Vinegar to Deodorize Your Carpet

It one of the all-around best home remedies for removing pesky smells and stains from your carpet.

Simply fill a spray bottle with water and white vinegar in 60:1 such that there are 60 parts of parts to 1 part of white vinegar. Spray your carpet sparingly with this homemade solution. Then, let the area dry. You’ll be amazed by the vinegar soaking up any lingering smells!

4. Use A Lint Roller (Or Handheld Vacuum)

Lint rollers are a must-get if you’re a pet owner!  Lint rollers can pick up hair from virtually any surface. A lint roller is an affordable and quick way to pick up the fur for those spur-of-the-moment cleaning times — such as when you have an unexpected guest dropping by.

Instead of dragging out a more massive vacuum, consider buying a handheld version and ready for general maintenance. They’re easy to use and convenient for cleaning up pet fur on the floor.

Other residential pet cleaning tips:

  • Deep cleaning of pet collars and toys using pet shampoo.
  • Brushing them regularly
  • Scoop & Clean the Litter Box (More Often Than You Think)

In events of pet accidents like urine, poo, vomit or blood, call a professional carpet cleaner straight away, before the smell and stains become difficult to treat or even permanent.

Things to know when you hire professional carpet cleaners

We live in a world of constantly changing technology. Today it’s effortless and convenient to clean carpets using the latest equipment. However, when carpets are stained or heavily soiled, you should consider hiring professionals cleaners.

Professional carpet cleaners know how to treat those marks efficiently and quickly. It can make the home clean, eliminate any potential dirt, allergens and pollutants that may be present in the carpet and reduce the visibility of spots and stains.

As a result, professional carpet cleaning comes out cheaper than replacing the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

How often should the carpets be cleaned?

As per experts, to improve the lifespan of the carpet homeowners should get their carpets cleaned at least once a year. This can vary if you have children or pets in the home.

Carpet Manufacturers recommend cleaning carpets regularly for longer life and better appearance.

Here are some tips for homeowners to maximize the dollar value while selecting a professional carpet cleaning company.

Experience & Training

Firstly, professional carpet cleaning personnel should be well-trained and experienced. Experienced and skilled cleaners know the nitty-gritty of carpet cleaning. They also have appropriate equipment needed to remove the dirt and stains from the carpet.

While looking for a professional cleaning company, check when their business was established.  You can also check social media and search engines for customer reviews. One or two bad reviews does not make a difference. It doesn’t mean that you should not use that company, but many poor reviews may prove to be a sore point.

Price and Insurance

Some companies post reasonable rates, but in the end, i.e. after the completion of the procedure, the figures change. Additional charges like transport and use of excluded products adds to the total cost. Always check for the fine print, to avoid surprising fees when you get the bill.

Insurance cost is another factor to consider in the total cost. Be sure to get proof of insurance before any carpet cleaning business begins working in your home.  Personal liability and property damage insurance is a must. So, you must confirm that the carpet cleaner is fully insured.

Carpet Cleaning Method

IICRC’s cleaning certification defines five main steps of carpet cleaning as:

  • Firstly, vacuuming thoroughly helps to remove dust from the carpet from the top layer
  • Secondly, apply the appropriate cleaning agent to loosen dust from carpet fibres. This step is called pre-spraying
  • Then, rinse the carpets thoroughly using hot water extraction method. You can also call it Carpet Steam Cleaning. An excellent, pressurised spray of warm water is applied to the carpet and immediately sucked out along with the dirt
  • Reset the Carpet pile. It helps eliminate matting of carpet and distribute cleaning agents. It also restores the carpet to fullest height, giving it a new look of lustre and fluffiness
  • The last step is to dry the carpets. It usually takes around 8-12 hours for carpets to dry at room temperature. Some professional carpet cleaners use air movers to dry carpets faster


To conclude, if you keep the above tips in mind, you can’t go wrong with hiring a good carpet cleaner.

Cost of Vacate Cleaning In Melbourne?

When ending a lease in Melbourne, there is lot to do including the cleaning. It’s certainly a good idea to hire professional end of lease cleaners to help you get your bond back. This cleaning service is also commonly referred to as Vacate Cleaning Melbourne.

Vacate Cleaning Services are not just limited to an ending lease. Whether you are preparing your house for sale, or even handing it back to the owners, you need to get it cleaned. This brings us to our main topic.

vacate cleaning

How much does Vacate Cleaning Cost?

Undoubtedly, cleaning a house top to bottom requires a lot of time and elbow grease. To help calculate cost, we need to keep the property size, condition and layout in mind. If you have carpets, you would need to get it professionally steam cleaned. Let’s look at some estimates below.

A professional cleaning company would charge anywhere between $40 per hour to $50 per hour per person for cleaning. So, if your property takes 4 hours to clean, you can expect to pay between $160 to $200 depending on the hourly cost.

Generally, vacate cleaners will quote you based on the number of hours estimated for your property size. For example, a vacate cleaning company in Melbourne charges $45 per hour for exit cleaning. They estimate around 5 hours for cleaning a standard size 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in reasonable condition. Based on this calculation, they quote $225 for apartment cleaning. Carpet Steam Cleaning is quoted an extra $75 assuming carpets in 2 bedrooms and a small living room.

In Contrast, In Canberra, this can cost you more. So, a same 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment would cost you around $400 for bond back cleaning.

Be ready to pay extra for any outside cleaning like the porch, outside windows, balcony, so on and so forth.

End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist

Furthermore, if you are wondering what is included in the standard End of Lease Cleaning or Vacate Cleaning, we can follow the below list;

End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist
End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist


  • Clean all cabinets from inside and outside
  • Wipe Clean all surface areas including Splashback, benchtops etc.
  • Deep Clean of Oven including Grills and Trays
  • Cleaning cook top, grill, rangehood exterior and degrease range hood filter
  • Clean the sink and taps


  • Clean shower screen including all soap scum, grime
  • Scrub shower tiles and grout and spray mould remover
  • Clean bathtub (if any)
  • Wipe Clean all surface areas, shower rails and mirrors
  • Clean Vanity and taps

Everywhere in the house

  • Clean all cupboards and wardrobes inside and outside
  • Remove the cobwebs
  • Wipe clean all inside windows and sills
  • Dust the vents
  • Wipe the skirting boards
  • Clean light switches
  • Vacuum all floors and mop hard floors
  • Steam clean carpets (if applicable)

Read more about how to choose a cleaner here.

Why Professional Help Is Important For Carpet Flood Damage?

Your residential and commercial premise consists of a lot of elements that add to the curb appeal of your building. Then there are those which can take the aesthetic appeal of your place to a whole new level. Can you guess what that is? Yes, that’s right! It is the carpet of your home or business that has got the potential of making or breaking the first-impression of your place.

Having said that, it is crucial to take care of your carpet in the best possible way through regular cleaning! One thing an owner would never ever want to see in their wildest dreams is the carpet getting flooded. This is a reality which can arise due to any water emergency. Yes, you can manage things on your own but the expertise of professionals is what will help you save the carpet. How? Let us explain this to you!

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Related: Health Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Carpet Cleaning Professional

Top Reasons to Hire Professionals for Carpet Flood Damage

To Prevent Further Damage

The very first reason to hire professionals for carpet flood damage is to prevent any further damage from happening. Most of the owners do not have the proper knowledge and they just start drying the carpet in all the wrong ways. A little mistake may lead to further carpet damage which might be irreversible. So, in order to start the carpet drying procedure and prevent further damage, it is important to hire professionals.

Best Drying Tools & Methods

There is no denying that carpet flood damage cleaning requires the use of dryers and heavy fans in order to get the water out as quickly as possible. Apart from this, it is important to take care of any damage that might have been occurred to the carpet due to water. For this, effective tools and cleaning solutions are needed which are available with the professionals only.

Fastest Drying Through Expertise

Just as we explained above, in order to perfectly execute the drying process, important drying elements are needed which the professionals possess. However, this is not the only thing that matters, it is the way things are executed which matters the most. Through their experience, skills, and professional tools, they carry out the drying process much faster and more efficiently than you can ever imagine.

To Save Efforts, Time & Money

You obviously save a lot of time and efforts when you hire professionals as you do not have to do it yourself and more importantly, you get it done better. You save on money, as most of the people who adopt a D-I-Y approach end up in making the situation worse, eventually leading to new carpet buying. This is never the case when you hire carpet flood damage professionals.

Avail the Best Carpet Cleaning Services In Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Carpet cleaning encompasses all the procedures removing dirt, stains, and allergens. Cleaning the carpet is essential on a regular basis. It is necessary to clean carpets professionally twice a year. A clean carpet results in a healthier environment and air quality in your home. Good quality carpet cleaning services are available in Melbourne. This makes it easy to find one! You can find them online with reviews to back up their service. This will give you the best idea of what they have to offer. The cleaning services are available at an affordable price.

Features of Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

There are special features of the carpet cleaning services unique to Melbourne. You must ensre you choose the right service providers for the task at hand. Choosing the right carpet cleaners is imperative. They should provide the attractive features that are outlined for you below;

  • The cleaning service provided is effective and eco-friendly.
  • Quality services are provided quickly, making it convenient for you.
  • The service providers pay special attention to the harsh and tough stains which are difficult to remove. This assures customers of quality cleaning. They give a hundred percent guarantee of removal of all stains.
  • The carpet cleaning services are available 24/7. This makes it convenient for customers to select a time that suits them. You can get same day service, fulfilling the urgent needs of the customers.
  • For pets in the house, special attention is required to clean organic stains and odours. The carpet cleaning service ensures no smell or bad odour remains.
  • Our carpet cleaning services can be called for a free quotation and demonstration.
  • The carpet cleaners remove small furniture without charging any additional fees.
  • Melbourne carpet cleaners provide a post-cleaning inspection. Here they check for any ant issues.

You can expect excellent service from the carpet cleaning companies. The services available in Melbourne are second to none!

Natural Way To Clean Your Carpet And Furniture

As a homeowner, you may frequently host family and guests, or even house children and pets. If dirt and dust is present around the house then it can cause you and your family health issues. The aesthetics of your furniture and carpets may also suffer from excessive dust and dirt.

In fact in the home environment, 70% of carpet and upholstery fabrics have dust and dangerous germs. That is where the Carpet Cleaning Melbourne team provide you with a refreshing upholstery cleaning that is safe for your family and children.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning services bring a new life to your living space.  We have a wide range of cleaning services for your home and office however, we do care for the natural environment. That is why we opt for eco products. Once we have completed the cleaning process, your furniture or upholstery will dry quickly and you can use them as soon as possible!

Our carpet cleaning services are the best at deep stain cleaning while also being gentle enough not to damage your delicate furniture. You may wish to ask your cleaning expert about applying protectant to your furniture to create a barrier around the fibre that will help it to become stain resistant.

  • Pre-vacuuming and deep cleaning
  • Professional strength deodorizer
  • Protectant facility
  • Hot water extraction
  • Premier cleaning and spot removal
  • Bonnet cleaning and dry cleaning
  • pH neutral carpet on completion

Now a day’s carpet and upholstery cleaning may vary dramatically but we have a number of options to match any type of carpet.  We are best in what we do if you want your home cleaned with the utmost care and precision then you should not hesitate to call us.

This is the right place for you as the customer because we offer the best service and find what you need at a competitive price. You will be amazed after seeing the result and it will leave you coming back time and time again.

Rejuvenate Your Home Furnishings With Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne has a wide range of services. They ensure your home looks clean and fresh for years to come. Furniture has a long lifespan. However, in order to maintain its luster, it is necessary to get upholstery cleaning done regularly. Every aspect of your house requires great attention to detail. This will keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your furniture lasts longer and keeps your home welcoming.

Melbourne upholstery cleaning services properly attend to the unique requirements of your fabrics to ensure their longevity and to maintain their quality. A great sofa or rug will appear new for years with the right care. Therefore, it is essential to understand that your upholstery cleaning needs be addressed by professionals who cater to your upholsteries very specific needs. Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is capable of catering to your leather,s fabrics, rugs, and carpet cleaning needs. All services are customizable – ensuring that your fabrics receive the utmost care.

You need not consider opting for different upholstery cleaning packages for each of your different furnishings. For example, if you require the cleaning of a soiled rug and a stained leather sofa together, you need not opt for specific cleaning services. All products used are child and pet friendly. This will relieve you of any worries regarding chemicals that could be potentially harmful. All products and services also ensure that no colour is lost or fabric damaged during the upholstery cleaning services. This of course gives you the best possible results.

What Upholstery Cleaning Services Offer

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne offers services ranging from pre-spraying your furnishings, vacuuming, removing any soiling, to the application of fabric protectors, and removing all stains. This is accompanied by reasonable rates of service and the convenience of easy booking.

Health Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Carpet Cleaning Professional Melbourne

Carpet cleaning can enhance the overall appearance of your home in many ways. It can also extend the carpet life in conjunction. The most valuable benefit of routine carpet cleaning is improving your family’s health. This can be done with the help of a professional Melbourne carpet cleaning service. In accordance with the professional carpet cleaners association, if members of your house suffer from respiratory conditions, like asthma, snoring and so forth it is important that you vacuum your carpets at least two times a week.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Benefits of Routine Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

In addition to vacuuming on a regular basis, you may also benefit from having your house carpets professionally cleaned by an experienced Carpet Cleaner. Melbourne is home to many different carpet cleaning services. But before hiring you must ensure that you see their portfolio first. Also, ask about their rates before you commit to hiring. If you are not fully convinced of the health benefits of carpet cleaning services, consider the following important ways to make your home a healthier place.

  • Carpet cleaning can eliminate trapped pollutants in your carpet fibres
  • Professional carpet cleaning can eliminate dust mites and other infestations from the carpets
  • Carpet cleaning can assist in preventing mould growth
  • A professional carpet cleaning company can not only save your precious time but is also an easy way to get your carpets back to their former glory
  • Carpet cleaners Melbourne will always end up better than any DIY substitute
  • A routine carpet cleaning improves your and your family’s health. At the same time, it increases your carpet’s longevity
  • When you clean your carpet with the help of a professional Melbourne carpet cleaning service, your home carpets will feel much more comfortable and clean
  • Carpet cleaning by professional carpet cleaners increase the aesthetics of your entire house
  • A clean and hygienic carpet means a clean and hygienic home

Only a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne understands the real value of cleaning the home carpets. They endeavour to make the home a beautiful, hygienic, and welcoming environment.

An experienced carpet cleaning professional has all the needed equipment and supplies to clean your carpets. If you hire a professional, you can be sure that your carpets will be back to their original state in no time.