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Whether you are moving houses or need a spring clean, carpet cleaning is an essential part of it. We, at Ministry Of Cleaning, have been doing Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne extensively for many years across all suburbs.

We aim to exceed your expectations rather than quick “in and out” the door service. And this is how we deliver the best Melbourne carpet cleaning services. Furthermore, we pay attention to detail, such as stain removal and carpet sanitising, so you become a client for life. Great prices & Top Clean always.

Carpets adorn the floors of your house, making it look appealing as well as keeping you cosy. You pets love to make it their abode due to the warmth. Despite all these comforts, with daily use, carpets tend to get dirty and stained. Accidents such as food spills, sick kids or pets are bound to happen. Moreover, the accumulation of dust and dust mites leads to bacteria and allergies, that can cause health issues.

Why is professional carpet cleaning necessary?

Undoubtedly, installing a carpet in your house involves a lot of investment. That is one of many reasons to take special care of your carpet. Otherwise, it can lose its charm within a few years.

Healthy Living

What is one good and bad thing about carpets? It is good at hiding dirt. Vacuuming carpets at regular intervals is a good practice, however, if you have kids or pets in your house, you need periodic steam cleaning of the carpet to give it a deep clean. Depending on your family size and lifestyle, consider hiring carpet steam cleaning services at least once if not twice a year.

Vacate Carpet Cleaning

There are many other reasons where hiring end of lease carpet cleaning professionals will be a requirement.

  • If you are a tenant and coming to the end of your lease, you will need evidence of professional cleaning from your real estate agent or a landlord to get your bond refund.
  • The same applies to property owners vacating their house to put it on sale or rent it out.
  • Similarly, if you are up for a house inspection, the importance of clean carpets can’t be overlooked.

Ask us about End Of Lease Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Packages.


Why Hire us

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Can I steam clean my carpets on my own?

This is a common question and we get this asked a lot. The short answer would be Yes, you can steam clean the carpet yourself. Whether it is worth doing it yourself, we don’t suggest so.


If you have the right equipment, chemicals, experience and insurance required for the job, you can certainly do it yourself.

What if you damage the carpet? Your building insurance is not going to pay for it. However, if for any reason your carpet gets damaged by the technician you hire, they are covered by their public liability insurance.

Moreover, the cost, time, effort and risk involved in the do-it-yourself option is too high and is not recommended. In case you are ending a lease, your real estate would require a certificate for exit carpet cleaning which is another reason to hire a registered business.


Another fact to consider is that the carpet cleaners you will find in the supermarket are no match for our commercial carpet cleaners. It goes into the thickest layers of your carpet and gives it a deep clean. This analysis renders DIY as a last resort for you. So, hiring professionals is not just wise but an economical choice as well.

Hence, rather than taking the entire responsibility and headache for yourself, ask us to take the challenge and stand up to your and your property manager’s expectations.

Still not convinced to hire our expert Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne? Look at some results after we steam cleaned carpets for one of our customers.

Still not convinced to hire our expert Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne? Look at some results after we steam cleaned carpets for one of our customers.

What does Carpet Cleaning Process entail?

When you hire us to steam clean your carpets, we aim to give your carpet a deep clean every time. We use the hot water extraction method proven to clean carpets. Our Carpet Cleaning process involves thorough removal of soil, dirt, mould and bacteria along with any light stains. Check out some of the reasons that set us apart from other carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne.

  • First of all, we are an Eco-friendly & professional carpet cleaning service
  • Use the top of the range Carpet Cleaning Chemicals & equipment
  • Effective and professional Carpet Cleaning methods
  • Particular attention to the stubborn stains that are hard to remove
  • Pet Stain & Odour treatment available
  • Our carpet cleaners are happy to assist you with moving light furniture
  • 24 * 7 availability for emergency jobs like Carpet Flood Damage or Carpet Water Damage
  • Same Day Service available for urgent cleaning – subject to availability
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning service also available
  • We provide Sofa, Rugs and Mattress cleaning as well
  • Carpet Protection using Teflon® Advanced coating
  • Book online in 2 min with Cashless payment option
  • Finally, we provide free quote over the phone

Office Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to offices, we provide Office Steam Carpet Cleaning as well as Upholstery Cleaning service in and surrounding Melbourne. Using our professional, powerful Steam Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Machine. When we spray hot water onto carpets at high pressure, it converts into steam and gives the best results. There is no other method that can match these results.

Office carpets have much higher footfall than residential floors and have more stains from coffee or food spills. Also, the commercial steam cleaning eliminates all bacteria and contaminants leaving the carpet clean, smelling fresh and looking like new.

Our prices are very competitive and the service is top-notch. Give us a call or drop a line for a free quote. We provide a free site visit to inspect for large offices or commercial premises.

For your added peace of mind, our cleaners are trained, experienced and insured up to $10 million. If for any reason, you find that your carpets have not been cleaned up to the promised standards, get in touch with us and we will organise a free re-clean.


Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning is also advertised as No Moisture or Very Low Moisture Cleaning. Essentially, it involves spraying the chemical on the carpet followed by scrubbing using a rotary scrubber and finally vacuuming it out.

The main advantage that dry cleaning offers is almost no drying time, and that’s pretty much it.

Dry Carpet Cleaning is no match to Steam Carpet Cleaning, which requires a longer drying time but cleans the carpet fibre from deep.


Stain Treatment

Keeping your Carpet from stains is one of the most vital aspects of maintaining your home’s carpeting. Stains on carpets can be a big nuisance. They can ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautiful floor and give your home a dirty and unkempt look.

However, it’s not impossible to get rid of these stains and restore the look of your carpet. All you need is some good professional advice, the right chemicals, a little time and effort.

Though calling experts is the best course of action, it comes with a cost. So if you intend to attend to your carpet stains yourself, a good start would be to build up a collection of different cleaning solutions for various types of stains. Knowing what type of stain you are dealing with will help you determine which type of solution will work best.

Different Types Of Carpet Stains:

  • Wine: White wine, red wine
  • Perspiration
  • Paint Or Ink
  • Oil or grease-based stains
  • Fruit/Vegetable juice
  • Pet Urine, Stool, Vomit or Blood

Odour Removal

A bad smell in a carpet is usually an indication that there’s an underlying problem. There are various reasons why carpets start smelling bad.

Sickness / Accident

One of the top reasons for bad smelling carpets is pets. Just like humans, pets can also get stomach upsets and pass gas which releases unpleasant odours. Another possible cause of the bad smell could be pet urine which gets absorbed into the carpet padding and then released when vacuumed.

Cooking / Smoking

Carpets can also start to smell if they’re too close to outdoors or cooking areas, or if there’s moisture build-up between the carpet and padding that promotes bacterial growth (which is what causes that nasty urine smell).

Another possible reason for carpet odour is smoke. This can happen if clothes are left in clothes baskets after wearing them and smoke has managed to get inside the house and settle on carpets. These will need to be washed or dry-cleaned before they are put back in their place of storage.


Mould in Carpet

Mould is another common reason for foul-smelling carpet. Mould on carpets is normally caused by excess moisture in the air, which can lead to it growing on the carpet. If you have a mould problem, then it needs to be treated quickly.

Carpet odour removal can be done in many different ways. It all depends on the type of carpet, the level of work to be done, and personal preferences.

Some people prefer to call experts while others use store-bought products while others make their own solutions. There are also other types of carpet odour removal techniques that are effective for certain carpets. Though we might have a bias when we suggest to call us to get that bad smell out of the carpet, we can back it up with years of experience and top of the range products that won’t likely be available on the woollies or bunnings’ shelves.

Why hire us for Steam Cleaning Carpets in Melbourne?

The moment you decide to avail our cheap and best Carpet Cleaning services in Melbourne, we ensure that our cleaning experts reach your doorstep in the fastest time possible. Here is a list of benefits that you are likely to receive while we are aboard.

We employ industrial quality cleaning equipment All our vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning equipment are at par with industrial standards. Excelling in carpet steam cleaning services, we ensure deep carpet cleaning every time.

Fresher air to breathe Dirty carpets would give you polluted air, full of contaminants, to breathe. After we clean your carpets, you get to breathe fresh and clean air and keep you healthy.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions Our team of professionals use top of a range of carpet cleaning chemicals. These are safe for your carpets as well as your family, pets and the environment. Moreover, unlike many other untrained cleaners, we will leave no chemical residue on the carpets or rugs.

Experienced & Insured Cleaners Being highly rated for economical & best carpet cleaning in Melbourne. After all, we have a reputation to live up to. We are recommended by many to get carpets cleaned. After all, our experts’ team of cleaners have decades of collective experience. Along with cleaning, we help you with tips to maintain your carpet.

Range of Cleaning Services In addition to top Carpet Cleaning services, we offer various domestic and commercial cleaning services as well.

100% Customer Satisfaction We highly value customer satisfaction. So when we clean your carpets, we are not satisfied unless you are. And that is one of the many reasons by our customers recommends us highly, including landlords and property managers. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to hear your feedback.

Carpet Flea Treatment

If you have had pets during your tenancy, you might need a pet flea fumigation. We offer Pet Flea Treatment as well, so rather than hiring two separate businesses, just ask us to add the end of lease flea treatment to your booking. Trust us, this will save you not only money but time and hassle as well.

How to Hire Ministry Of Cleaning’s Melbourne Carpet Cleaners?

First of all, we provide a free quote for our carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, including all suburbs.

Secondly, we offer flexible booking methods to hire our professional carpet cleaners. You can book over the phone, by email or even online through our website.

Last but not least, we offer flexible payment methods to pay for the cleaning service. We accept payments by cash, credit card and bank transfer as well.

Our other related steam cleaning services


  • Pet Stain Treatment & Odour Removal
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
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  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning


What are our customers saying?

Our Carpet Cleaning Service Areas:

We service all Melbourne suburbs including Melbourne

Just in case you don’t see your suburb listed, you need not worry. Just pick up your phone, and our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

For most residences, scheduling it every six months is generally adequate. While for Commercial & Office spaces, we recommend organising a carpet clean every quarter. This is a general guideline only and heavily depends on the footfall and routine care of your floorings. Houses with pets and kids might need to be cleaned more often than others. Similarly, spaces like restaurants, schools and retail stores would require a deep cleaning more frequently than most office buildings.

Carpet cleaning for residential properties generally takes around 45 min to an hour or so. For larger properties with more than 6 rooms, it can take up to 2 hours or more.

We come equipped to your property to clean your carpets. However, we need you to supply Electricity, Hot Water and Parking access for the duration of cleaning. If you don’t have either of these amenities, please let us know while booking and we will advise the alternatives.

Generally, the carpets can take anywhere between 2 hours to 12 hours depending on the weather, internal temperature, ventilation and the carpet material. We do provide fast drying service at additional cost, so please ask our staff members while booking or when they arrive to clean.

Flea spray can be done immediately after the carpets are steam cleaned.

Our friendly professionals for Carpet Cleaning will:

  • Bring all Carpet cleaning products & equipment
  • Bring their photo id
  • Have Carpet Cleaning experience
  • Leave your carpets professional cleaned by removing dirt and stains
  • Listen to your needs and instructions, intently and with interest

Carpet Cleaning Price

"It is always worth it to invest in a good carpet cleaning service. You will be amazed at how much better your home will smell and look after the job is done."


  • Maintenance/Refresher Clean. Recommended Every 6 Months,Not Recommended For Stained Or Light Coloured Carpets.
  • Pre- Inspection
  • Pre Spray Carpet Cleaning Solution
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning With Hot Water Extraction System
  • Deodorising


  • For Carpet With Medium To Heavy Soiling Or Stains Or Light Coloured Carpet, Recommended For Carpet Which Has Not Been Professionally Cleaned For 6 Months Or More And/Or A Vacating Clean In Order To Get Bond Returne.
  • Pre- Inspection
  • Pre Vacuum Carpet Area
  • Pre Spray Heavy Carpet Cleaning Solution
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning With Hot Water Extraction System
  • Deodorising


  • For Carpet With Very Heavy Soiling And Stains, It Will Probably Give Your Carpet A New Life.
  • Pre- Inspection
  • Pre Vacuum Carpet Area
  • Pre Spray Heavy Carpet Cleaning Solution
  • Scrubbing Carpet With Rotary Scrubber
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning With Hot Water Extraction System
  • Deodorising & Sanitizing
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Following a cleaning checklist can make the job less daunting and help ensure that everything is cleaned properly. By taking the time to clean thoroughly, you can reduce the risk of illness and create a healthy environment for yourself and your family.


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